5V-Crimp Is A Low Profile Metal Roofing Panel With Wide Flats Between Ribs, Giving It A Look Similar To Our Standing Seam, But In A Less Expensive Exposed Fastener Version

Somewhat more expensive than our most popular Tuff-Rib panel, our 2′ wide 5V-Crimp is still quite reasonable in costs.

Because of its low profile 1/2″ ribs, 5V-Crimp lends itself well to curved roofs. While it has limitations, 5V-Crimp can often be used on these type of roofs, but be sure to check before ordering to see if it will work.

5V Metal Roofing Panel


  • 24″ width coverage
  • 1/2″ high ribs spaced 12″ apart, two on the ends and one in the middle
  • Can be installed over open framing or decking/plywood
  • Gauges: 26ga
  • Finishes: Galvalume®
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Minimum roof slope 3:12


Proven Performance

In use for over 50 years in many cases, 5V-Crimp has been well tested as barn roofing in the Southeast United States.

An estimated 75% of barns still in use and over 20 years old have 5V-Crimp installed as roofing.

Custom Cut

Gone are the days when 5V-Crimp could only be ordered in 2′ increments. We offer 5V-Crimp cut to the inch, so you can reduce and nearly eliminate waste.

Total Package

Ridge, closures, fasteners and much more. We have what you need for your 5V-Crimp roof, from start to finish.

Overholt Metal Sales is there to help you, whether you are roofing a small garage, large home, or building of any type. Let us work with you on your project to figure out what you need.

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