About Overholt Metal Sales & Building Supply

We Are Here To Serve You!

Overholt Metal Sales & Building Supply was started by Henry Overholt and his family in 2005 to fill the gap in the local market that was over priced and low quality metal roofing, by offering a quality competitive solution.

Overholt’s Vision is to provide a Quality Product at the Best Price possible! The original vision is still going strong and has since expanded to include the manufacturing and financing of Greenhouses, Gazebos, Custom Chicken Coops, and Dog Kennels.

Derksen Portable Buildings We also manufacture quality Derksen portable buildings. Since 1995, Derksen has set the standard in the industry, innovating and producing top quality buildings at an affordable price. Constructed in a tradition of Mennonite Craftsmanship, each structure is handmade and built to last.

Our #1 goal has always been putting the customer first while delivering an exceptionally high quality product at the very best price possible. With over 10 years experience under our belt, we know that the number one reason our customers keep coming back is the exceptional customer service. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers so we appreciate you!

In 2015, Overholt expanded into Florida by opening Overholt Metal Roofing Supply, a manufacturing facility in Arcadia, FL.  We offer the same quality product and service there to a growing base of satisfied customers.

Overholt Metal Sales in Montezuma, GA